How it Works

Pretty simple, really… The Revolver is 1/2″ high, 8-1/4″ in diameter, and weighs 28 ounces. It fits both 3 and 4 hole pattern snowboards.

There are two plates: a bottom plate and a top plate. The plates are held together by a center bolt. You mount The Revolver to your board and then mount your current binding to The Revolver. It’s that simple. You can then rotate and lock your binding in any of 18 different settings between 0 and 90 degrees at any 5 degree interval by pulling the pin, rotating your foot where you want it, reset the pin and you’re good to go.

The Revolver allows the user to adjust their foot to any angle for various terrain while going down the mountain. For example, put your toe forward (80 degrees) for fast runs then change to 45 degrees when on a cruiser half way down the hill, then adjust your foot to 10 degrees for the terrain park near the bottom of the hill. And for those craving a new dimension… you can ride with the locking mechanism in the up (unlocked) position, thereby allowing you to rotate your foot between 0-90 degrees (or 90-180 degrees) while going down the hill. Yeah, it adds a whole ‘nother dimension to riding – especially when in powder!!! The Revolver also has a safety feature that prevents the user from rotating beyond the 0-90 (or 90-180 degree) range.

The Revolver saves time for rental shops by allowing the user (not the board tech) to adjust their foot to their desired stance without having to un-mount the binding. The Revolver removes time spent adjusting binding angles from the rental process thereby allowing more boards to be rented faster. Thus there is less time spent on each rental which equates to less down-time and more riding-time for the user.