Introducing The Revolver

20 Aug

revolver-photoA revolutionary new device that will change your snowboarding experience: The Revolver.

Originally developed for comfort, The Revolver allows the user to rotate his or her foot from 0 – 90 degrees. No longer will you have to struggle with a twisted ankle, trying to move yourself clumsily forward in the lift line… With The Revolver mounted to your board, it has never been easier — or more comfortable — to get around on the slopes. Simply pull the pin, swivel your foot, and lock it back in place! But the device’s uses don’t stop there.

While in testing, we discovered the thrill of being able to race down the slopes with The Revolver unlocked, allowing you to change your stance on the fly. There was nothing quite like it! The Revolver grants the user greater control over their ride, and ads a new dimension to your ride, not yet seen in the sport.

Crafted from sturdy 1/2 inch machined aircraft-grade aluminum, The Revolver has been built to withstand the elements and refined to offer a unique experience to the rider. Take your snowboarding to the next level with this game-changing device! Be one of the first to get your hands on The Revolver.

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