"The Power to Determine Action Without Restraint"

  • Snowboarder reaching new heights in jump
  • The Revolver: A revolutionary snowboarding device that will change your ride!
  • Snowboard and rider in the air
  • Snowboard and rider in the air
  • The Revolver revolutionizes the way you snowboard
  • Snowboard and rider in the air

A New Dimension

The Revolver - a revolutionary new snowboard device that changes everything! The Revolver allows the user to adjust and lock their foot "on the fly" to any angle for various terrain. It also allows the user to safely rotate their foot freely while riding, adding a whole new dimension to the riding experience!

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The Challenge

You're in the lift line or a cat-walk and your front foot is twisted while you're trying to push yourself forward with your other foot. Or maybe you want to adjust the angle of your footing as you cover different terrain and encounter changing conditions. Perhaps you have an old injury, but still want to enjoy a day of snowboarding without discomfort. What can you do?


The Solution

Like most great inventions, it all started with a garage, some power tools, and a love of tinkering. After many years of engineering and refinement, four patents and many prototypes, here it is: The Revolver!

Just pull the pin, turn your foot, lock it in place and you’re good to go.


The Unexpected

The Revolver was originally designed to ease discomfort on the slopes. However, it was discovered that The Revolver could be used in the “unlocked” position, allowing the user to rotate their foot freely as they sped down the hill. Being able to adjust your angle on the fly added a new dimension to the ride. Coupled with some fresh powder, the experience is incredible!